Today’s show is a Free-For-All episode. This show is about having a few of my friends on the show, throwing back some drinks and having some great conversation.

Crocs & Hot Pockets is a live video podcast aired weekly on Sundays at 9pm EST. The show is is about life, gaming, live streaming and everything in between. This podcast is broken up into three types, each shown on a biweekly basis. These shows are called Free-For-All, 1v1, and Solo Queue.

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      • Cryptocurrency is still ruining gaming, but some companies are trying to help
        • Microcenter will sell you select nVidia GPUs if you buy a whole computer from them
        • My gpu that i got for 600 is now $1000
      • Stream Deck 2.0 firmware released
      • Twitch Botters Fined
        • According to court documents filed on January 22, a California judge has ordered bot makers Michael and Katherine Anjomi to permanently shut down their software and pay Twitch a total of $1,371,139. $55,000 of the sum accounts for damages, while the remaining $1,316,139 is the profits they made off their illicit business.
    • Toxicity in games
      • Since overwatch’s new report system, side chat toxic instances have dropped 17%, and amount of reports send has went up 20%
        • Overwatch has said they actually look at social media to find reasons to ban before reports are made
    • PubB vs Fortnite
      • What are your current thoughts? Do you like to play both
        • Naaackers: Finally playable again for me.
    • eSports
      • Cloud9 taking the win!
        • Full arena packed
      • Overwatch League
        • Have you watched any?
      • What has been your experience with watching eSports?
      • Do you think it’s here to stay?
    • Sea of Thieves
      • What do you think so far?
      • Will you buy it?
    • Sponsored content making it’s way into Twitch
      • Summit showing trailers
      • Soda watching TV shows