Crocs & Hot Pockets is a live video podcast aired weekly on Sundays at 9pm EST. The show is is about life, gaming, live streaming and everything in between. This podcast broken up into three types, each shown on a biweekly basis. These shows are called 1v1, Solo Queue and Free-For-All.

Today’s episode is a Free-for-All Episode. This show is about getting together with my friends, kicking back a few brews and having a good time. You can find the details of this episode below.

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  • Gaming News & Discussion




  • Steam officially supports digital gift card sending
    • The only real condition is that the person you send the funds to must have been your friend on Steam for at least three days. You can’t use your existing wallet funds for the gift cards, but you can send money to friends in other countries (Steam will automatically convert the funds to their currency).
      • Checked up on game, it’s completely dead – devs have abandoned the game.
        • 2 hours
    • Destiny
      • Who has been playing it? What do you think so far?
      • Are the negatives that plagued the first game still in the second?
    • Twitch
      • Raid are now live!
        • Type /raid in chat followed by the live channel, and a countdown and prompt will show up                                                                                                                                                           
    • Blizzard
    • PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is leaving Early Access in December