Crocs & Hot Pockets is a live video podcast aired weekly on Sundays at 9pm EST. The show is is about life, gaming, live streaming and everything in between. This podcast broken up into three types, each shown on a biweekly basis. These shows are called 1v1, Solo Queue and Free-For-All.

Today’s episode is a Free-for-All Episode. This show is about getting together with my friends, kicking back a few brews and having a good time. You can find the details of this episode below.

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      • The most downvoted comment in Reddit History – November 2017
        • Moment of silence
      • First, after the community uproar, EA drastically reduced the amount of credits needed for heroes by 75%
        • Not before placing a cooldown on the rate at which you could collect those credits. First cooldown was 3 hours, with the possibility of going into the double digits
      • After a huge outrage over pay-to-win marketing tactics for Star Wars Battlefront 2, EA has officially removed crates from the game.