Crocs & Hot Pockets is a live video podcast aired weekly on Sundays at 9pm EST. The show is is about life, gaming, live streaming and everything in between. This podcast broken up into two types, each shown on a biweekly basis. These shows are called Solo Queue, 1v1 and Free-For-All

Today’s show is a 1v1 Episode. This show is about inviting one other fellow guest and having some great conversation. Today’s special guest is Nipnops.


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Show Notes:

      • Twitch is currently running a holiday sale on games, bits and merch
    • Steam Sale, what did you buy?
      • Dan – NOTHING 🙁 wanted to get Re7 or Tokyo Dark
      • Naaackers – Life is Strange, The Wolf Among Us, Shotgun Farmers
    • Black Friday/Cyber Monday – Buying, have bought or planning to buy?
    • Ankhbot is joining streamlabs
      • Ankhbot is now ‘Streamlabs Chatbot’ and is integrated with streamlabs. Head to to download the new app.
      • You can export Ankbot to a file and import this into Stream
    • Destiny 2 is secretly reducing XP gains, stopped suddenly once fans found out.
      • Microtransactions will generate $22 billion dollars in 2017 compared to $8 billions in revenue due to full game price releases. (with DLC generating another 5 billion
      • Are we to blame?
      • Side note – PC and console revenue from free-to-play transactions has doubled since 2012


  • Streamers and Patreon
    • Streamers are linking their patreon on their Twitch nipnopspages, and reserving high tier pledges for nude pictures on Snapchat
    • Streamers are also selling used panties for the highest tiers, if you pledge to this you will get multiple panties mailed to you every month. DISCUSS
    • Recent chance to twitch ToS