June 18th, 2016

Media Dump time! Well hello there fellow internet dwellers! I hope you have having a wonderful week so far. I know it’s only Monday and we have lots of time to fuck this week up. But lets look at the glass half full!

I have had a backlog of YouTube videos and Twitch highlights that I have been meaning to upload for some time. Well, I finally got around to it!

First off, the couch streams from the past three months have made it to YouTube!

Couch Stream v4.0

Couch Stream v5.0 – St. Jude Charity Stream

Couch Stream v6.0 – BBQ Night w/ Friends

In addition to that, the first two episodes of Crocs & Hot Pockets has officially been uploaded to YouTube as well! You can check them out below.

Crocs & Hot Pockets – Episode #1

Crocs & Hot Pockets – Episode #2

And of course, last weeks Snapchat!

Snackchat #12

Last but not least, some Oddshots from  GforGreg and BadBadRobot!

Towerfall – Invisible Sneak Attack

Towerfall – Last Minute Fuckery

#IDARB – Shot In the Dark, Pat/Nackers Alley Oop, Shot On Own Goal

Random – Vacuum Dancing 

That is about it for this week! Have a good one!