Your first idea, is never your best. The core of it maybe, but every new idea needs fine tuning. You need to inspect, explore, and evolve those ideas in order to make them into the best that it can be. I’ve been doing podcasts for just about 3 years now, and while I am very happy with the shows and how they come out – i’m still not satisfied. So I wan’t to keep trying new things, and see what sticks.

Today I’m announcing that I’m introducing a new segment to the Crocs and Hot Pockets Podcast. For now, i’m just going to call these episodes Crocs and Hot Pockets – Solo Queue. Have I ever told you that i’m the worst at coming up with cool names for shit? Well now you know. For a while now, I’ve been trying to think of a format for a show that was lesser in length compared to the other podcasts, but consistent enough to fill gaps between other episodes. Sometimes, breaking news drops in the middle of the week, and I have to wait 5-7 days to talk about that topic. Now, i can do this kind of show whenever I feel like it. So now, the podcast has three different types of show. In addition to that, I want to have some shorter content for those who enjoy the podcast, but don’t have 3 hours to spend listening every episode. You now have a selection of different shows to choose from when you need something to listen to.

Free-For-All – Full cast for these episodes, including BadBadRobot, SaltySam, MrFortyTwo and SpeedDemon (every other week)

1v1 – Myself and one other guest (every other week)

Solo Queue – Just Naaackers (random days)

There are a couple of things that I want to get out of this new segment. For one, I really want an outlet to document my journey on Twitch. I have no idea where I am, or where I’m going, but I know I have 4 years of mistakes and errors under my belt. I really want an opportunity to share the thought process that goes through my head as someone who has been in the game for a while. I’m really trying to shed light on the process of doing what I do, not the everyday is the best day frat boy vlogging bullshit you see now a days.

These episodes will fall on days where I do not have a planned guest for the show. They will always be random, sometimes even taking place on a weekday. As of now, I don’t plan on these episodes being longer than 45 minutes. The show will have an outline of what I want to talk about. Because I’m trying to keep these episodes shorter, there will be no chat interaction during the show. However, the bot will still be active taking questions of any sort to be answered at the end of the show. Alternatively, you can always send in questions to to be answered on the show if you have a long detailed question you’d like to have answered.

These episodes will be broadcasted live on Twitch for those who want to watch live, as well as uploaded to YouTube and iTunes for the audio listeners.

I’m super excited to run with this idea as I’ve been working on it for a few months. I hope you’ll enjoy it.