This is what I love the most, and takes up most of my time. I stream 5 days a week

Sure, there are some gaming videos. But I also upload some original content for a series called Document. It’s a bi-weekly episodic video adventure where I record whatever I feel like and try to make a story out of it.

For the past two years I have produced a podcast called Crocs and Hot Pockets. It’s a biweekly show about

I’m a huge fan of voice. So much so that I also produce a second podcast called Audiosnack. It’s a weekly update podcast about the channel and whats going on with a side of comic relief. This lets people keep up to date with everyone going on without having to go searching for information.

At the moment, Instagram is my second favorite social media platform behind Twitter. I love watching stories from my friends and colleges regarding the shenanigans they get into on a daily basis. My passion for photography solidifies my love for the platform as I too love to take and upload awesome pictures.